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Following your bone grafting procedure, it’s important that you carefully follow a few simple post-operative instructions:

  • Do not disturb or touch the wound.
  • Avoid rinsing or spitting for two days to allow a blood clot to form and the graft material to stabilize.
  • Do not apply pressure with your tongue or fingers to the grafted area, where the material is movable during the initial healing.
  • Do not lift or pull on your lip to look at the sutures. This can actually damage the wound site and tear the sutures.
  • Do not smoke.
  • After the second day, you can gently rinse your mouth. (But don’t do it vigorously, which can disturb the bone graft granules.) Do not be disturbed if you find some of these small granules in your mouth for the first several days.
  • If a partial denture or flipper was placed in your mouth, you may want to schedule a visit with your restorative dentist to have it adjusted and learn how to correctly remove and replace it.
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