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Causes of Face and Mouth Lacerations

Suffering from face and mouth lacerations can be particularly traumatic for patients. Because these injuries are present on the face, they cannot be easily hidden or concealed. A patient who suffers from a face or mouth laceration will likely also suffer from emotional injuries, most notably a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. At our practice, we have oral surgeons and facial surgeons who offer our Phoenix patients face lacerations treatment, as well as repair of the soft tissue of the mouth. At Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, we focus on providing detailed aesthetic results while remaining sensitive to our patients’ emotional needs.

Causes of Face and Mouth Lacerations

Oftentimes, patients who suffer from face and mouth lacerations feel alienated and alone. They usually feel as though their injuries separate them from the crowd or make them stand out as different. The truth is that face and mouth lacerations are much more common than these patients realize. We see many patients who have suffered from face and mouth lacerations for a variety of reasons. Although injury is the primary cause of face and mouth lacerations, there are many types of injury that can cause damage to the face and mouth. Some possible causes of face and mouth lacerations include:

While automobile accidents are the number one cause of face and mouth lacerations, we understand that whatever the cause may be, the injury itself and the damage that it causes are often very emotional for our patients. This is why we take great care in remaining sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of our patients who have experienced face and mouth lacerations.


When an injury results in face and mouth lacerations for our patients, we can successfully repair the damage through facial reconstruction. We have specialists who are trained in facial reconstruction and who have advanced knowledge of the anatomy of the face and skull. These doctors hold extremely high standards and work with the most advanced technology, employing the latest surgical techniques. These high standards include great attention to detail that ensures each of our patients receives aesthetically pleasing results that help to slowly rebuild confidence and self-assurance. All of these services are complemented by the comfort and care that is provided by our entire staff the moment a patient walks through the door. We believe that it is our job to not only repair the physical damage of an injury, but to aid in the emotional healing as well.