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What Should I Eat After All-on-4 Surgery?

Caring for your new teeth is an essential component of a successful recovery and a lasting smile. Along with proper brushing techniques, you will need to take precautions when eating during the first six weeks following your All-on-4® procedure. During your surgery, four implants were placed to anchor your new set of teeth (patients replacing both upper and lower teeth have eight implant sites). These implants take time to fuse securely to your jawbone, creating a solid foundation for your new smile. Use the following guidelines for a successful recovery.

Surgery Day

Liquids are the perfect starting point after any procedure requiring anesthesia, whether general or local. Not only are fluids easy to digest, but they are also soft on your mouth, which may be feeling numb or somewhat sore. It is very important to avoid hot liquids until the numbness has receded and the bleeding has stopped. Staying hydrated is essential after your procedure and keeps your tissues moist so they can heal. 

Weeks 1 through 6

Soft foods can be introduced when they can be easily tolerated. While meal selection is certainly a matter of personal choice, smooth foods that do not require chewing should be your first introduction back into solids. Increase your dietary options as tolerated, sticking with items that require little chewing. Meal replacements, such as Ensure and Special K, are great for increasing your caloric intake during the healing period.

Food Suggestions 

Beverage meals such as protein shakes and smoothies are perfect while you are recovering. You may also enjoy

If you have a food processor or blender at home, you can likely come up with some creative combinations and ways to make your favorite dishes smoother. Vary your meals and snacks to avoid boredom and consider your recovery time a chance to try some new smoothie flavors. Keep the following list nearby to supplement your meal ideas:

During the later stages of your healing, you may want to try foods that are more solid in texture, such as

Sticking to a soft-food diet during recovery will help you enjoy your new smile for years to come.

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