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Experience and Training Distinguishes Oral Surgeons

Choosing to get dental implants is an important decision and it is one that should be considered carefully. After all, this surgical procedure has the potential to significantly improve a patient’s quality of life and overall oral health. Working with an experienced and highly trained surgical team is an important part of this treatment solution. This is why patients should be particular in choosing a practice for same day dental implants. While regular dentists can provide many valuable care services, when it comes to oral surgery of any kind, patients should choose an oral surgery practice like Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona. Our oral surgeons have the training and experience required to perform this important procedure among many others.

Becoming an Oral Surgeon

An oral surgeon goes through three distinct phases of education and training. These include:

Bachelor degree: This four-year degree prepares the future surgeon with the fundamentals of anatomy, biology, and health science. Dr. Golding earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech University and Dr. Sabol earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University.
Doctorate degree: This graduate degree can take an additional three to four years to complete after a bachelor’s degree is earned. It provides surgeons with an in-depth knowledge of the skills and techniques required for a successful practice. This training also connects new dental surgeons with research opportunities. For instance, Dr. Sabol’s background in molecular genetics allowed him to pursue research with skeletal jaw and facial development. Dr. Sabol earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) at Ohio State University, and Dr. Golding earned his Doctorate from the University of Maryland Dental School where he graduated at the top of his class.
Residency: A medical residency lets new doctors and surgeons become involved with patient care. This provides the real-world experience required for running a quality practice. Dr. Golding completed a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital and University of Miami Medical School as Chief Resident. Dr. Sabol completed his general practice residency before pursuing additional specialty training and an internship in general surgery.

Experience Makes the Difference

You family dentist performs many essential services that keep you and your family enjoying great oral and dental health. However, when it comes to surgical procedures such as the placement of dental implants, the experience of the Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona simply cannot be matched.