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How Long Do All-on-4 Dental Implants Last?

As you consider investing in All-on-4 dental implants, one of the first questions likely to spring to mind is, “How long will these implants last?”

You may be surprised to learn that a dental implant is made of a durable titanium material and acts as an artificial tooth root to support a dental crown. Research proves that dental implants are the longest lasting way to replace missing teeth.

In fact, All-on-4 dental implants should last a lifetime with a good oral hygiene program and routine dental check-ups with professional cleanings. Brush at least twice daily, using a soft-bristled or electric toothbrush, and floss at least once daily to clean areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Daily brushing and flossing will keep dental plaque and calculus in check, but it’s still important to have routine professional cleanings at your dentist’s office.

Most dental problems stem from improper home care or lack of necessary treatment, and All-on-4 dental implants are no exception. Quitting smoking—or never picking up the habit in the first place—also helps stack the odds in your favor.

When you think of All-on-4 dental implants, think of them as permanent teeth that need to be cared for and cleaned like natural teeth. Just like natural teeth, they let you feel the hot or cold temperature of your food, as well as the taste. They also allow you to have a more powerful bite than you may have been used to. Having All-on-4 dental implants may even mean you can enjoy all of your favorite foods at long last. Care for these dental implants properly to help ensure that they last a lifetime – so you can continue to enjoy the benefits.