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Oral & Facial Pathology

At Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, we provide a range of services designed to alleviate pain and treat conditions involving the hard and soft tissues of the face, mouth, and jaw. Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. John M. Gillis, Dr. Michael W. Golding, and Dr. J. Gregory Sabol have unparalleled expertise in the field of oral pathology, a specialized branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral disorders, including oral cancer and abnormal growths and lesions in the mouth or on the facial skin.

Our experienced, highly esteemed oral surgeons have the advanced education, training, and skills to understand on an intimate level the various structures of the face, mouth, and jaw and offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and surgical procedures that will enable you to achieve and maintain optimal health.

If you are experiencing chronic pain in the mouth, throat, jaw, or face, or you have developed abnormal growths, thickened skin, or swelling in the mouth or on the face, we encourage you to contact Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona today. Remember that oral and facial disorders, including cancer, are most easily treated in their earliest stages. Don’t hesitate to schedule your initial consultation with our renowned Phoenix oral pathology experts today.

The Importance of Oral Screenings

Tragically, the number of cases of oral cancer has been on the rise over the past two decades. In many of these instances, early detection could have made a profound difference in how quickly and effectively the disease was treated. This is why our oral surgeons stress the importance not only of visiting our practice when there are signs or symptoms of potential illness or abnormalities, but of being proactive and scheduling regular comprehensive oral screenings. The longer potential issues go undiagnosed, the more difficult it will be to treat them and the more invasive oral or facial surgery is likely to be.

Oral and Facial Pathology

At Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, we use only state-of-the-art techniques and technology to diagnose and treat:

In the case of irregular growths or otherwise peculiar tissues, we can perform painless biopsies to diagnose – or hopefully rule out – cancer.

Once your condition is diagnosed, our oral surgeons will explain your options, recommend the most effective possible course of treatment, and address whatever questions and concerns you have. Drs. Gillis, Golding, and Sabol are known for their compassion and tactful honesty and will make sure that you feel well-informed and confident in your decisions before you proceed with treatment.

Surgery for Oral and Facial Disorders

If surgery is the recommended course of action in your case, the exact details of your surgery will depend on your individual case. Surgical removal of the affected tissue may be the most effective treatment available. Generally, the affected tissue, plus, in the name of caution, a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue will be excised.

If it is necessary to remove large amounts of tissue, prosthetic devices and tissue grafts can be used to restore form and function to the region. Above all else, our oral and facial surgeons will work to ensure that your health and comfort are returned to their optimal levels.