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Post Operation for All-on-4 Procedure

Here at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, one of the oral procedures in which we specialize is the All-on-4® dental implant procedure. While you’ll have a gorgeous smile after the procedure, you have to make sure to take proper care of yourself and your new smile immediately following the procedure. Because we want all of our patients to feel confident in their new smiles, we want to make sure you’re aware of proper post-op care following the All-on-4 procedure.


You can expect to experience some swelling in the days following your procedure, which is completely normal. Commonly, the swelling will be at its worse about three days after the procedure, but it can take as many as 10 days before it’s completely gone. We recommend sleeping with your head elevated above your heart and using ice packs for 20 minutes, removing them for another 20 minutes and then reapplying.


Minor bleeding is something else you can expect after your procedure, which should subside several hours afterwards. Keep your head elevated while resting, and bite down on damp gauze to stanch the bleeding. If at least three hours have passed after your surgery and you’re still experiencing heavy bleeding, call our offices.

Oral Care

Proper hygiene is essential to proper healing. Be sure you keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth after each meal, but take care that you refrain from brushing at the surgical site for at least four days after your procedure. Use a clean, wet cloth or gauze to softly wipe at the surgical area. To get rid of any food particulates and debris that might remain after eating or brushing, you can use a dental water pick.


Taking your medication is another essential factor of your post-op regime. Make sure you understand the medications you need to take after your procedure, how to take them and the side effects they might have. For instance, narcotic pain medication will likely make you drowsy, meaning that you shouldn’t drive while taking it. You may also experience nausea or diarrhea while taking your medication.

Besides pills, you may be prescribed a rinse to keep your mouth clean, but you can also use a salt water solution to treat swelling and soreness. It’s best that you not use commercial mouthwashes following your All-on-4 procedure.

Get in Touch With Us

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like more information about getting the best results possible following your All-on-4 procedure. An Arcadia office representative can be reached at 602-957-0332, and our Tempe location is a phone call away at 480-820-7400.