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Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Safe Surgery?

Just as you likely know of at least one person who’s had his or her wisdom teeth removed, there’s also a good chance you’ve read about some of the common complications of the surgery. What’s more is you might have been recently informed that you may want to consider having your wisdom teeth removed. We want our patients to be fully aware of the advantages as well as the risks of the oral and facial procedures and treatments we provide. Learn just how complicated the recovery process can be after having one or more of your wisdom teeth removed.

The Root of the Matter

Putting it simply, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most widely performed oral surgeries, which means our dental surgeons and surgical teams have an abundance of experience with it. That being said, there are complications involved, but they are often rare. Examples of such complications include:

With knowledge of these complications, we understand that you might be hesitant about undergoing a wisdom tooth removal surgery, but we don’t recommend this tactic. Putting the procedure off can potentially lead to cysts, infections, tooth damage and tumors. In the event that your wisdom teeth aren’t giving you trouble, we still recommend that you schedule regular checkups with your doctor in order that he or she can keep an eye out for disease or tooth movement.

Post-op Care

If it’s determined you’re better off having your wisdom teeth removed, taking proper care of yourself and your teeth after the surgery is essential to minimizing both common and extreme complications. Keeping your head elevated above your heart and using ice packs will help with the swelling you’re bound to experience. Using gauze and biting down on tea bags are ideal methods for addressing bleeding. What makes tea bags so effective is they have special constrictors that are sometimes more effective than gauze at controlling post-op bleeding.

Going on a soft-food diet for at least five days after your procedure is also best. When it comes to drinking, don’t use straws, as they can potentially loosen blood clots. Finally, we also recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol, chewing gum and smoking.

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