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Dental Implants Are More Affordable Than You Might Imagine

The right treatment has the potential to drastically improve a patient’s quality of life. When someone suffers from missing teeth or other oral health concerns, they cannot enjoy life to the fullest. Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile can hold you back in social situations. Missing teeth can also make it hard to speak, bite, and chew comfortably. Although some patients feel that a missing tooth is purely a cosmetic concern, one missing tooth can sometimes lead to adjacent teeth becoming loose. Treating this concern has traditionally been done with the help of dentures and other forms of bridgework. Today, patients have another valuable treatment solution to consider. Affordable dental implants are more accessible than ever and Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona is a leading treatment center in the Phoenix area.

Dental Implants Are Cost Effective

In many ways, dental implants can be a more affordable tooth replacement solution in the long term. For instance:

Dental implants can be cleaned with your preferred toothbrush and toothpaste. Your normal household purchasing habits can continue as usual. You do not have to invest in expensive dental hygiene products unless you want to.
There is no need to purchase special pastes, powders, or other special cleansing products. Denture sets and other traditional forms of bridgework are made of special materials that sometimes require special care. Cleansers designed for use with dentures can be expensive and have to be purchased on an on-going basis in order to maintain the integrity of a patient’s dentures.
Dental implants require no adhesive products. Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed permanently into the patient’s jaw. Not only do patients avoid having to purchase adhesive products, this permanent nature prevents slips and other accidents associated with denture use.
Because dental implants are permanent, you will only need to purchase them one time. Dentures sometimes need to be replaced as they wear out or break. The whole clinical experience has to be repeated each time new dentures are required.
Dental implants help maintain jaw bone density, which helps preserve overall oral health. Missing teeth are associated with jaw bone deterioration, a process that dentures cannot prevent. Dental implants make use of small titanium posts which help stimulate the jaw bone and keep it healthy.
Once dental implants are in place, little follow-up care is usually required. Regular cleanings and checkups are generally all that is required to ensure that your dental implants continue to function properly.

Your Affordable Care Solution

Although some dental implant systems might initially appear to cost more than traditional sets of dentures, once the long term costs are factored in, patients can determine what the most cost effective solution is for them.