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Before & After All-on-4®

Many people imagine tooth loss to be a problem primarily experienced by older adults. However, Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona treats people of all ages and with all kinds of dental health histories. Many different concerns bring patients to our clinic. Some, like Jason, have struggled with oral health concerns their whole lives. As his story shows, life can be a lot different before and after receiving All-on-4® dental implants.

Painful Childhood Problems

Not everyone starts out life with excellent dental health. Some of Jason’s earliest memories include having extensive dental work done, including a root canal procedure at age nine. Tooth decay and cavities frustrated his youth and young adulthood. Both he and his brother enjoyed quality nutrition, but each boy experienced very different dental health outcomes. This made Jason wonder what he was doing wrong.

Weighing His Options

At 44, after serving in the Navy, Jason wanted to make a change. There were four particular concerns on his mind as he considered the tooth replacement options before him:

• Jason was self-conscious about the appearance of his teeth and felt that this held him back from interacting with people in the way he wanted.
• He couldn’t eat the food he enjoyed. Even healthy food was off-limits due to advanced tooth decay.
• Jason needed to be able to speak clearly to do his job. Clear, precise communication had to be possible without a long recovery period.
• Jason wanted relief from the pain associated with numerous sites of tooth decay.

Because traditional dentures would have required Jason to relearn many basic principles of speech, he felt that it was not the right option for him. Instead, he decided to take a closer look at the All-on-4 procedure. The convenience of the system and its other numerous advantages helped Jason make his decision. Ready to make a change for the better, he prepared to receive treatment.

The Final Results

The entire surgery took only a few hours to complete, and soon Jason’s new teeth could be clearly seen by his happy wife. Jason received follow-up care and instruction from his surgical team. The prosthetic crowns have the capacity to last a lifetime with the right care and will continue to deliver exceptional performance for years to come.

A New Smile for Jason

Pursuing the All-on-4 treatment option was a big step for Jason, and it helped restore his ability to eat comfortably, smile confidently, and speak clearly. Patients just like Jason who want improved oral health with the help of our dental implants can contact us today to schedule an appointment.