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Can You Really Get New Teeth in a Day?

If you’ve been living for months—or even years—with missing teeth, the fact that an oral surgeon can now restore your smile in a single day may seem too good to be true.

If so, let us introduce you to an oral surgery appointment we call “Teeth in a Day,” also known as an All-on-4 procedure. After undergoing this procedure you’ll awaken from anesthesia with a full set of pearly whites—and free from many problems associated with missing teeth.

How do we do it? Once you learn you’re a candidate for the Teeth in a Day procedure during an initial consultation with one of our oral surgeons, the next step is setting a date for treatment. Once the big day arrives, here’s a step-by-step description of the procedure:

Step #1: To help you feel totally relaxed and at ease during the oral surgery portion of the procedure, you will receive some sedative medications. You will then receive dental anesthetic to maintain your comfort while the oral surgeon completes the procedure.

Step #2: Your oral surgeon will remove any remaining teeth that are failing, as well as clean out any diseased, chronically infected tissue from your jaw and gums to prepare for the placement of dental implants.

Step #3: Your oral surgeon will place two dental implants near the front of the jaw and two other implants nearer to the back of your jaw.

Step #4: Next, a new set of prosthetic teeth will be attached to your implants and adjusted for comfort, bite and fit.

Step #5: Once you’re happy with the feel of the bridge, you’ll be handed a mirror so you can admire your brand-new smile. Then you can head home and show off your full set of pearly whites to family and friends!