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Change Your Life With Dental Implants

Choosing dental implants to replace your missing tooth or teeth can be a life-altering experience for a number of reasons. Dealing with absent teeth can not only be an embarrassment, but it’s also a health issue because it can affect surrounding jawbone. In contrast to other solutions that are available to the modern day sufferer of this condition, dental implants have a number of benefits that establish them as clearly superior to the alternatives.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically enclosed in your bone where they stand in as roots to support prosthetic teeth: bridges, crowns or dentures. This procedure has helped millions of people look and feel better – making it one of the most well regarded techniques on the market for those dealing with tooth problems.

What Are Some of the Risks Associated With Failing Teeth?

By living with compromised oral health, rather than fixing the issue, you run the risk of developing additional conditions. Some of these conditions include:

• An inflammatory condition and chronic infection, called periodontal disease, caused by bacteria. Without attention, this can lead to more serious conditions such as strokes, diabetes and heart attacks, among others.
• Jawbone loss and deterioration: if teeth are not present or even dramatically compromised, bone growth is not stimulated in the jawbone. The body responds to this by moving crucial associated minerals to different parts of the body.
• Chewing ability is reduced.
• Other teeth can be tipped, lost or crowded.

Advantages to Dental Implants

For those suffering from compromised oral health and tooth problems, there can be several benefits of dental implants, including:

• Your mouth preserves bone, averting facial structure deterioration and improving your appearance.
• They are the next best thing to natural teeth. Because the entire tooth – even the root – is accounted for, it will be difficult or even impossible to tell the difference between them and your other teeth.
• You can eat foods that might be challenging with dentures without concern.
• You don’t have to worry about the adhesives or metal clasps involved in holding dentures.
• You won’t need to go through the process of grinding away adjacent teeth, commonly required for tooth-supported bridges.