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Comparing the Teeth in a Day Procedure to Traditional Implants

Here at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, we help patients every day to rebuild and restore complete, healthy smiles. We do so through a variety of surgical techniques, including the All-on-4® procedure, known for the ability to provide a whole new set of Teeth in a Day. Compare this with traditional dental implants, which typically require repeated office vvariations of traditional implants
isits across weeks or months in order to replace multiple teeth. The differences don’t end there, though.

All-on-4® teeth replacement allows patients a faster route to a renewed smile, but it also provides for easier cleaning and maintenance after the procedure has been completed. Additionally, this method delivers a strong foundation of support, generally without the need for bone grafting. Learn more about this revolutionary procedure and how it compares with more traditional alternatives.

The All-on-4® Evolution

For many years, dental implants have been applied in much the same fashion. Very small fixtures, usually made of titanium, are inserted into a patient’s All-on-4 Implants Procedure Iconjawbone in order to support a replacement tooth or bridge of multiple teeth. While a generally effective approach to oral surgery, this method usually requires many visits to execute each stage of the process separately.

The Teeth in a Day procedure evolved from this approach, but rather than placing fixtures under each individual tooth, the full arch is instead supported by just four implants—two each at the front and back. Contrary to the straight-line implants used in traditional procedures, All-on-4® utilizes angled supports to avoid lower-quality portions of the jawbone. This simultaneously allows for more immediate fitting of the prosthesis and also eliminates the need for bone grafting in most situations.

Patient Advantages

For qualified candidates of our Teeth in a Day procedure, one of the biggest benefits is in the name. This innovation provides patients with the ability to have a full arch of teeth replaced with a minimum number of trips made to the office. The advantages don’t end there, however—consider these notable All-on-4® features:

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to take the next step toward reinventing yourself for the better, the Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona are here to help. Our focus is on delivering compassionate care for each and every one of our patients, so your comfort is ensured from start to finish. Contact us today to learn if you’re a candidate for the Teeth in a Day procedure, and get started on your journey toward improved everyday confidence.