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Dentures Versus Dental Implants: Why the Permanent Solution Prevails

All-on-4 Implants Procedure IconIf you’re among the nearly 70 percent of adult Americans who have lost a natural tooth as a result of an accident, periodontal disease, or other means, you’ve probably thought about finding a permanent replacement and wondered about your options. Among the more common solutions for those missing teeth are traditional dentures and dental implants. Dentures are designed to look like your natural teeth and can generally be removed when desired or necessary. Dental implants, on the other hand, offer a permanent solution for missing teeth and are embedded directly into your gums, where they look, feel and function just like existing, natural teeth.

Denture Downfalls

While dentures have certainly served their purpose over the years, modern dentistry has led to new, alternative options that restore your smile while requiring minimal upkeep. Dental implants offer all of the same perks as traditional dentures, but not nearly as many downfalls. Common complaints among denture wearers are that dentures:

• Can shift or fall out when you speak or eat if not properly adhered, which is embarrassing
• May increase your risk of needing fillings in adjoining teeth
• Can lead to decay or infection in your mouth if not adequately fitted
• Can be easily misplaced or damaged

Dental implants, however, successfully eliminate all of the above issues and concerns. Here’s a look at why more and more Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona patients are opting for the more permanent solution.

Implant Perks

Not only do dental implants offer a permanent, attractive solution for missing teeth, but options like the
All-on-4® procedure now allow you to have fully functional dental implants in only one visit to the office. In addition to a relatively stress-free implantation process, dental implants:

• Preserve natural tissue around your teeth and gums
• Last substantially longer than traditional restorations
• Lead to easier, more comfortable eating and drinking than traditional dentures
• Help preserve bone and reduce the occurrence of bone deterioration
• Reduce the likelihood of needing additional restorative work on surrounding teeth

Thus, when the conversation arises about dentures versus dental implants, the permanent, attractive, and low-maintenance solution prevails.

Are You a Good Candidate for Implants?

If dental implants sound like the long-term solution you’ve been seeking, you’re probably wondering if you’re a viable candidate for the procedure. Every situation is different, but you may be a strong candidate if you are in generally good physical and oral health. Contact us today to speak with your oral surgeon for more information about your specific case.