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How to Determine If Same Day Dental Implants Are Right for You

Older Happy CoupleLoosening teeth are a common problem for those of advancing age, one that can result in numerous complications if left unchecked. If you are contending with ongoing tooth deterioration, Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona can help. We provide patients a number of treatment options for tooth loss, including same day dental implants that can be performed in a single office visit.

While this innovative process has proven beneficial to many patients seeking a permanent solution to tooth loss, it may not be right for everyone. To this end, the following information can help you decide whether same day dental implants is the best option for you.

Signs You May Be a Good Candidate

The first step to determining whether same day dental implants are an appropriate treatment solution involves having a consultation. During the consultation, a surgeon will establish your specific treatment requirements, which is essential for creating a dental capable of offering long-lasting benefits. In general, the following signs indicate that a patient may be a good candidate for the same day implant process:

• Loosening teeth are an ongoing concern
• Patient has missing teeth
• Proper biting pressure is decreased due to misalignment
• Patient experiences continuous pain stemming from denture wear

If the above issues are present, same day dental implants could be an ideal solution for those seeking a convenient and natural-looking alternative.

Drawbacks to the Procedure

Unfortunately, some patients may encounter a few disadvantages to this procedure when in search of remedies for ongoing tooth deterioration. For instance, those lacking the appropriate level of oral tissue density may want to consider other options. Jawbone health is extremely important as well, since this internal structure will be employed to support the implant apparatus.

Another factor one must take into consideration is the patient’s overall health. Those suffering from serious diseases or immune disorders may not be healthy enough to undergo the procedure required for same day dental implants. While this procedure is far less extensive than other types of surgery, it still poses some risks for those who are not in optimum health. In this case, it’s best to get your specialist’s opinion to ensure the best possible results.