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Factors to Consider When Getting Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsDental Implants are a proven method for replacing one or more missing teeth. Since 1982, North Americans have been able to choose implants as a healthier, longer-lasting solution for gaps in their smile. In the beginning, only a few companies manufactured the components for implants, but over time many more producers have cropped up in the market place. While advances in technology have led to better, more predictable results, not all implant materials or systems are created equal. The doctors at OFSA will use evidence-based research coupled with industry leaders in the category to help determine which dental implants are best for each patient’s scenario. Consider these factors when getting dental implants.


There are three main materials that are used in the construction of dental implants:

While you can certainly find dental devices made from all three compounds, those constructed of titanium are both strong and reliable with a proven track record. Most titanium systems boast a 98 percent success rate. This is largely due to the over 40 years of research and improvement that have gone into modifying the components until they are near perfect.

The long-term success of ceramic implants is unknown due to their short five-year history in the marketplace. While preliminary results are promising, the experienced physicians at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona currently prefer the proven success titanium implants have demonstrated, as it’s known for being a bio compatible material that heals very predictably, over these newer counterparts.

Nobel is one of the main implant systems we use at OFSA due to the decades of clinical studies and evidence to back their system and high clinical success rates.  They also are one of the few companies that manufactures a zygomatic implant which is often used for patients that have poor bone quality.  Zygomatic implants can only be placed by oral maxillofacial surgeons, however only a select few place them in the phoenix area.  Both Drs. Sabol and Golding have years of training place these implants.


With proper oral hygiene, dental implants are a life-long solution. Patients in their 40s routinely keep their titanium implants throughout their natural life. The longevity of ceramic products is unknown due to their short marketplace history.

Replacement Components

At Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, The systems we use have over 40 years of evidence behind them and can guarantee at least 25 years of stocking of components. One never knows when a restorative component may break from the stress under constant function in the mouth. These components must be readily available as the need arises or else the entire restoration will have to be replaced at a much more significant cost.

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A mouth full of healthy teeth is essential for talking and chewing. Replacement teeth can also boost the self-confidence of anyone who has lived with a missing tooth. Give us a call today in Tempe (480-820-7400) or Arcadia (602-957-0332) and let us help you make an informed choice regarding your dental implants.