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Forget About Dentures and Get Permanent Dental Implants

For a person who has been living with dentures, the idea of a permanent solution is often very attractive. Although the technology has certainly improved over the years, dentures do require management and maintenance to avoid turning simple tasks like eating into challenging chores. For many patients, relief can come in the form of permanent implants, such as the popular All-on-4® procedure. These denture alternatives are stable, reliable and are capable of making your life a lot less complicated.


A Permanent Solution for Constant Confidence

In one form or another, dentures have been in use for centuries, answering a need surely as old as time: replacing damaged or missing teeth. Modern dentures have advanced to offer a higher standard of performance and personal appearance, but they still require such steps as bonding via adhesives and sometimes complicated cleaning needs.

Many patients have a hard time adjusting to life without permanent teeth, particularly when situations result in social or personal discomfort. Consider the feeling of dentures which slip out of place while eating or talking with others. The good news is that many of these same individuals are ideal candidates for dental implants, which can turn those daily denture challenges into distant memories.


The All-on-4® Method

Here at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona, one of our most popular procedures is known as All-on-4®, also called Teeth in a Day for its potential to restore full Couple Smiling Outsidearches of teeth with a single office visit. This surgical technique expands on the traditional style of dental implants, but rather than inserting a new implant for each prosthetic, just four fixtures are used to set a full row of strong, natural-looking teeth.

When compared with traditional dentures, the difference is dramatic for most patients:

Because these implanted solutions are easier to care for, they very often last for decades. The All-on-4® method also does not typically require intensive measures such as bone grafting, so for qualified candidates, it can present a very welcome alternative.


Make the Switch

If you’re fed up with the difficulty of your dentures, it’s time to make a change. Stop stressing over meals, cleaning and everyday social interactions and start enjoying the appearance and performance of real, healthy teeth. Contact us today to learn more about the dental implant procedures we provide and which is best for you personally. For the most compassionate care, trust the helpful staff at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona.