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Four Tips to Help You Prepare for Corrective Jaw Surgery

At the Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona office, we routinely see and treat patients for TMJ with corrective jaw surgery. While the procedure may seem intimidating, it’s much better to address a faulty jaw sooner than later in order to avoid more serious conditions. It’s common to be anxious before the procedure, but there are a number of things you can do set yourself up for a successful surgery and recovery. Here are four tips to help you prepare for your surgery.

1. Keep Up Good Oral Hygiene Habits

One of the best things you can do in advance of surgery is to maintain oral hygiene. This reduces the risk of infection and helps to ensure that surgery runs smoothly. In fact, it’s just as important to keep up with brushing and flossing before surgery as it is afterward.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Some patients lose weight following surgery, so it’s important to start good eating habits well ahead of time. Be sure to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluid, and get regular exercise so you can be in good health going into surgery and recovery.

3. Make Yourself Comfortable

Recovery times can vary. While our staff will do everything possible to keep you comfortable, it’s also a good idea to bring entertainment like books or movies to pass the time.

4. Relax

Although TMJ corrective surgery can seem like a scary procedure, the best thing you can do to set yourself up for a successful surgery and speedy recovery is to relax. Know that you are in excellent hands and are making a wise choice to prevent further complications and expenses later in life.

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