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How to Find the Right Oral Surgeon in Phoenix

Phoenix has many oral surgeons to choose from, all with different backgrounds, specialties, and strengths. When it comes to matters of oral health, you want to choose wisely. There are some steps you can take to make sure you select the right one for your individual needs. You would never want to put your oral health in jeopardy by choosing someone who does not meet your highest standards of expertise and care. Here are some things to consider as you research and choose an oral surgeon.

Read Reviews

One great way to get an accurate idea of different oral surgeons in our area is to read about patient experiences through online reviews. Patients with oral surgery experiences share what their opinions and thoughts are regarding the quality of service and care they received. They are often open and honest and can help you identify highly professional, skilled surgeons. These reviews may offer insight to the specific strengths and weaknesses of different oral surgeons. This information will certainly help you find the surgeon that is the right fit for you.

Watch Patient Testimonial Videos

Similar to patient reviews, patient videos can be a great resource for you as well. Videos offer a special look into the experiences and opinions of past patients. You may also get a look at the actual dental work. In this way, these videos may act as a preview of what to expect with a particular surgeon. Surgeons whose patients posted videos with enthusiastic endorsements may give you an extra boost of confidence in your decision making.

Consult With Surgeons

After identifying your top contenders, schedule consultations with them. This allows you to meet face to face and learn about their education, expertise, and specialties. You can also learn of their dental and surgical philosophies and practices. These are also the perfect settings to ask questions and address concerns you have. During these meetings, you may find that you are more comfortable with certain surgeons over others.

Consult With Us

We are certain that if you follow these recommendations, you will find yourself at our office. Learn more about our surgeons here. At Oral and Facial Surgeons of Arizona, we are committed to giving our patients the highest standard of care. We offer a wide range of oral surgery services including:

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