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3 Things You Need to Know About Same Day and Affordable Dental Implants

It may seem a little mind-boggling at first as you weigh your options on how to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. Ask older relatives, and they’ll tell you how there used to be only one way to replace missing teeth — removable dentures or partials. They’ll also be quick to tell you everything they hate about their removable dentures or partials — including how they had to give up eating some of their favorite foods.

Today, a growing number of patients are choosing same day and affordable implants. Wait a minute, you might be thinking, there’s actually a way to get dental implants in a single appointment — and to trim the costs? The answer is yes. Here are three things you need to know about same day and affordable implants:

  1. It’s about time! Your time is valuable, so you’ll be glad to know that All-on-4 implants make it possible for an oral surgeon to remove failing teeth and place fully functional implants in one office visit. During the oral surgery, a surgeon will replace missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants. Traditional dental implant treatment requires multiple appointments in an oral surgeon’s chair.
  2. Getting your money’s worth. When you consider the fact that All-on-4 implants require only four implants per jaw, you can see the cost savings over older dental implant techniques that may require as many as 10 implants per jaw.
  3. Less pain, your gain. The new technique also typically eliminates the need for bone grafting, an invasive oral surgery used to augment bone volume — a frequent first step in older dental implant techniques.