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What Makes Dental Implants in a Day Possible?

Getting a full set of teeth in a single day – even if you’ve been toothless for years -sounds like a futuristic fantasy. But the future is now, and a groundbreaking treatment we call the Teeth in a Day Procedure is here.

Also known as All-on-4 dental implants, the procedure was pioneered by European implantologist Paulo Malo in the early 1990’s to provide new fixed teeth to people who’d lost most or all of their teeth due to advanced gum disease. The technique is groundbreaking because in the past dental implants could take up to 18 months, with multiple surgeries and recovery periods. The technique bypasses the need for multiple surgeries and bone grafting, and best of all provides patients with new teeth in a single day.

How can you get dental implants in a day?

Here’s a snapshot of the procedure. First, you’ll receive a sedative medication and anesthetic so you’re totally relaxed and comfortable. Next, your oral surgeon will remove any failing teeth and clean out any diseased or chronically infected tissue from your jaw or gums. Your oral surgeon will then place two dental implants near the front of the jaw and two nearer to the back, in regions of the jawbone that are naturally bulkier. This strategic placement of the four dental implants creates enough support for a prosthetic set of teeth (or dental bridge) without the need to perform bone grafting surgery first. Finally, the surgeon will attach a new set of prosthetic teeth to your implants and adjust them for comfort, bite and fit.