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A Closer Look at the Science Behind Same Day Dental Implants

Dental implants offer many advantages for patients seeking a convenient option to replace lost or damaged teeth. While traditional forms of bridgework are still a valuable treatment option, a considerable amount of time might be required for manufacturing and fitting. Same day dental implants are a major leap forward in the art and science of oral prosthetics. Patients no longer have to wait weeks or even months for bridgework or implant development. How are same day implants created and what can a patient expect during their appointment?

Creating an Image of the Implant Tooth

The first step in implant creation is the development of computerized image of the replacement tooth. Sophisticated 3D computed topography (CT) software is used to create a natural-looking tooth that will fit perfectly into the space available. The shape will be carefully designed to suit the type of tooth being replaced; an incisor will look like an incisor, a molar will look like a molar, and so forth. Image development may begin after your initial implant appointment. In some cases, this computerized information is used to create a temporary tooth.

Implant Post Placement

Some types of dental implants involve the placement of small posts into the jaw which will heal over the course of a few months. Provisional bridgework is placed onto these posts so the patient will still leave their appointment with new teeth. However, if a patient is a good candidate for same day implant placement, the titanium posts will be set prior to the insertion of the permanent implant teeth; there is no provisional bridgework required for this treatment. Your dentist will be able to determine if a period of healing and recovery is required before the placement of the final implants.

The Creation of New Dental Crowns

Specialized equipment is used to read the computerized images and then precisely replicate the image in physical form. The tooth is given a color and texture that closely matches surrounding teeth, so a seamless look is achieved. Once the crown has been fabricated, it is prepped for placement. The crown is connected to the posts in the patient’s jaw and the procedure is finished.

Enjoy a Flawless Smile Sooner

There are several advantages offered by same day dental implants. For instance:

• Patients do not need to worry about provisional bridgework
• A permanent implant solution is accessed without delay
• This is a cost-effective strategy that minimizes time spent in appointments
• Patients experience pain relief and greater cosmetic satisfaction