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The Secret to Offering Affordable Dental Implants in Just a Day

Has facial trauma or gum disease robbed you of your smile? If so, then you’re well aware of just how quickly missing teeth can destroy your self-image. Few can imagine just how crippling a blow to your confidence that this can be. However, there is a way to restore it, and as unbelievable as it may seem, it can happen in as quickly as one day.

Today, affordable dental implants make the dream of enjoying a bright, beaming smile again much more attainable. Despite the fact that oral surgeons have been performing dental implant placements for many years, you’d be surprised at how little people actually know about the procedure and its results.

The All-on-4® Procedure

You might have your doubts about your oral surgeon’s ability to restore your smile in just one treatment session. Yet thanks to the All-on-4 procedure, placing dental implants is fast, minimally-invasive, and relatively-pain free. The procedure works as follows:

• Four titanium implants are placed in both your upper and lower dental bridges. These are affixed firmly to your jaw bone. Titanium is used because its unique composition allows it to better fuse to your natural bone.
• Abutments are then placed on each implant. This allows the new set of replacement to remain attached to the titanium screws.
• Your oral surgeon will then place a temporary set of teeth to the implants. Once the teeth have been adjusted to allow for an optimal bite radius and your overall comfort, you’re ready to go.

Immediately following the procedure, you can return to eating the same foods you did prior to experiencing tooth loss. It typically takes about six months for your jaw bone to fuse itself to the new implants. Once that happens, your permanent set of teeth will be placed.

Affording Your Implants

If you’re like most, you probably have some concerns about the costs of your dental implants. If your insurance does not cover them, not to worry; there are other ways to help handle the expense of your procedure.

Tooth loss a certainly not a new problem, nor is the impact that it can have in people’s lives. Fortunately, you’re not without the means to combat and overcome it. Dental implants can return you to a state of good oral health in just one simple visit. Better yet, you can reap this benefit without having to break the bank. Haven’t you kept your smile hidden from the world long enough?