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At Last, You Can Have New Teeth in a Day

Have you heard the latest news about the breakthrough in dentistry called All-on-4 implants (or “Teeth in a Day”)? If so, you’re probably curious to learn more, especially if you are missing one or more teeth.

Exactly what is the Teeth in a Day procedure? It’s a technique that makes it possible for an oral surgeon to remove failing teeth and place fully functional implants in their place, in a single office visit. The revolutionary treatment eliminates the need for multiple appointments. Even better, most patients do not need bone grafting prior to this oral surgery, resulting in a quicker recovery.

How can it solve the problem of missing teeth? During the procedure, an oral surgeon replaces missing teeth with a full dental bridge that is fixed within the mouth and looks and functions like natural teeth. Afterwards, patients enjoy a full row of pearly whites—and the ability to eat all their favorite foods once again.

Here’s a snapshot of the procedure. Before treatment begins, the patient receives a sedative medication and dental anesthetic to feel totally relaxed and comfortable. Then the oral surgeon begins work by removing any remaining failing teeth and cleaning out any diseased or chronically infected tissue from the jaw or gums. Next, two dental implants are placed near the front of the jaw, and two other implants are placed nearer to the back of the jaw. Finally, the surgeon attaches a new set of prosthetic teeth to these implants and adjusts them for comfort, bite and fit.

Are you a candidate for Teeth in a Day? To find out, schedule a consultation with one of our oral surgeons, who would be happy to discuss your treatment options and answer any additional questions you might have.